PTFE Resin
PTFE Resin

PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a fluoropolymer that is resistant to heat and chemicals. Because of its various properties, PTFE continues to be used in a wide range of innovative projects. It is possibly one of the most familiar mechanical plastic products applied today. Metal products coated with PTFE have a greater performance in various aspects.



Melting point600 K
Thermal expansion112-125 · 10−6 K−1
Thermal diffusivity0.124 mm²/s
Young’s modulus0.5 GPa
Bulk resistivity1016 Ω·m
Dielectric constantε=2.1,tan(δ)<5(-4)
Dielectric constant (60 Hz)ε=2.1,tan(δ)<2(-4)
Dielectric strength (1 MHz)60 MV/m

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