PTFE Micro Powder
PTFE Micro Powder

PTFE micro powder

PTFE is a kind of refined PTFE with low molecular weight, be consumed in the non-fluoropolymer industry. Micropowder mostly be compounded into other materials to improve the product properties, fluoride additive endow based materials with fluoropolymer hardly be used separately except in dry lubricant.

PTFE micropowder normally be called micropowder due to it’s small particle size of less than 10 micro. There are two different particle shapes based on suspension and fine powder, which lead to different properties and compounding procedure when added into based materials. micropowder molecular weight range from ten thousand to hundred thousand which is quite different from moulding resin of several million.

Application and Benefits of PTFE Micropowders

BenefitExample of Application
Inert to almost all chemicals and solventsCoatings for chemical tanks
Reduce coefficient of frictionEngineering polymer parts
Improve wear characteristicsPlastic pulleys and gears
Ultraviolet and weather resistanceOutdoor applications
Improvement in non-stick and release propertiesPaints
Increase rub resistanceInks
Improve corrosion resistanceCoating
Improved thermal stabilityPlastics
Excellent electrical insulatorWire insulation
No moisture absorptionCoatings and plastics
Flame resistanceAnti-dripping agent,fire resistant agent

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