Iso-pentane(2-Methylbutane)  Applications.
Isopentanes are some of the primary blowing agents used in the production of polystyrene foam and other foams. Usually, a mixture of n-, i-, and increasingly cyclopentane is used for this purpose. Because of its low boiling point, low cost, and relative safety, pentane is used as a working medium in geothermal power stations. It is added into some refrigerant blends as well.
Isopentanes are relatively inexpensive and are the most volatile alkanes that are liquid at room temperature, so they are often used in the laboratory as solvents that can be conveniently evaporated. Pentanes are miscible with most common nonpolar solvents such as chlorocarbons, aromatics, and ethers. They are also often used in liquid chromatography.  Isopentane is also used in a closed loop in geothermal power production to drive turbines. Isopentane is used, in conjunction with dry ice or liquid nitrogen, to freeze tissues for cryosectioning in histology.

Appearance :  Colourless and not turbid
Color-saybolt:  +30min
Iso-Pentane wt%:  ≥95%
N-Pentane: balance
Butanes and lighters %: ≤0.5
Hexanes and heavier%: ≤0.5
Total Oleffines, PPM: ≤20
Total Sulphur, ppm: <1
Benzene, PPM: <1
Bromine index, PPM: <10
Non volatile matter, mg/100ml: <0.5
Specific Gravity g/cm3: 0.61-0.65
Water, PPM: ≤20

Isopentane Physical Parameters
Isopentane Basic Information
English Name: 2-Methylbutane
CAS Number: 78-78-4
Appearance    Colorless transparent liquid
Odor          Odorless
Melting point/freezing point  -159.89℃
Initial boiling point and boiling range    27.8-28.2℃
Flash point   -51.0℃
Evaporation rate   13 BuAc=1
Flammability (solid, gas)    HIGHLY FLAMMABLE
Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits    Upper 8.3%; Lower 1.32%
Vapour pressure    79.3 @ 21.1℃
Vapour density      2.48(AIR=1)
Relative density     0.62 (WATER=1)
Water solubility     Immiscible
Autoignition temperature   420℃
Viscosity                  0.214 cP (at 20 °C)
Refractive index         1.357

Synonyms: 2-Methylbutane, Isopentane, Iso-pentane, IP,  methylbutane

Handling method and safety information
Iso-pentane is is a highly flammable alicyclic hydrocarbon. Read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use. Dangerous or hazardous
reactions do not take place.

Isopentane(2-Methylbutane) Packaging specifications
125 kg/drum, ISO Tank.

Isopentane(2-Methylbutane)  Export condiction:
CAS NO.: 78-78-4
HS CODE: 290110
DOT/IATA/IMDG/IMO: Hazard Class: 31002, UN/NA: UN1265, Packing Group: II

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