HFC365mfc/245fa blend
HFC365mfc/245fa blend

HFC365mfc/245fa blend Applications

HFC 365mfc/HFC 245fa blend is the perfect balance of characteristics of both third generation blowing agents HFC 365mfc and HFC 245fa. A zero ODP HFC blend (as an R-141B replacement). Good thermal conductivity. Converting foaming machines from HCFC-141b to HFC-365mfc/245fa is easy and cost effective. 365/245 gives superior insulation performance, excellent fire resistance, easy processing. Existing Storage Facilities can be used, Some precautions are recommended to account for potential flammable mixtures in air (e.g. no smoking policy etc.) – no ex-proof facility is required. Applications include reefer containers and refrigerated transportation, continuous/ discontinuous insulation panels, sandwich panels, appliances.


Appearance: Colourless and not turbid
Purity, %: ≥99.8
Moisture mg/kg: ≤10.0
Acidity(HCl), mg/kg: ≤1.0
Evaporation residue mg/kg ≤100.0

HFC365mfc/245fa blend Physical Parameters
HFC365mfc/245fa blend Basic Information
English Name: blowing agent HFC365mfc/245fa blend
1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane(HFC 365mfc)
CAS Number: 406-58-6
Symbols: F
Phrases R: 11
Concentration: 10-90 %
1,1,1,3,3-Pentafluoropropane (HFC 245fa)
CAS Number: 460-73-1
Concentration: 90-10 %
Appearance: Liquefied
Color/Colour: colorless/colourless
Odor/Odour: ethereal
Molecular weight 142.4
Normail boiling point℃ 27
Vapor Pressure No data
Psia @68℉ 11.2
Bar, abs.@20℃ 0.8
Vapor Thermal Conductivity 11.2
Flash Point None
GWP, 100yr time Horizion 914

Handling method and safety information

Blowing agent HFC 365mfc/HFC 245fa blend is liquid at ordinary temperature. Read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use. Dangerous or hazardous reactions do not take place under normal conditions.

HFC365mfc/245fa blend Packaging specifications
240 kg/drum

HFC365mfc/245fa blend Export condiction:
CAS NO.: 406-58-6/460-73-1
HS CODE: 3824780000
DOT/IATA/IMDG/IMO:  Not dangerous goods

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