I am very pleased to introduce our company's latest product - Stirling cryocooler. As a new product of SHINGCHEM, 

Stirling cooler will bring revolutionary changes and reliable solutions to your cold chain needs.

Specific products include: low temperature distribution box, mobile cold chain box, medical box, low temperature 

constant temperature box, kitchen commercial refrigerator, car freezer, car cold chain box, ultra-low temperature 

refrigerator, ultra low temperature freezer stirling and other cold chain products using Stirling cooler.

Stirling refrigerator principle

Stirling refrigerator is an advanced refrigeration technology based on the principle of Stirling cycle. It uses the 

compression and expansion of gas to achieve the refrigeration effect without the need to use traditional refrigerants 

such as Freon. Its working principle is briefly described as follows:

Free piston Stirling cooler (FPSC) is a gas mechanical refrigerator that uses the reverse Stirling cycle to obtain the 

refrigeration capacity through the periodic expansion and compression of the gas in the expansion cylinder. Stirling 

refrigerator uses helium as the refrigerant. Compared with the traditional cascade compressor, it has the characteristics 

of small size, simple system, low energy consumption and fast refrigeration speed. It is widely used in the development 

and use of deep temperature products.

Stirling refrigerator applications

Sterling refrigerators have a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:


1. Food cold chain: Maintaining the right temperature is essential during food production, storage and transportation. 

Stirling refrigerators can provide stable and reliable refrigeration to ensure that food remains fresh and safe. Mainly 

used in the transportation of high-end ingredients such as flowers, central kitchens, hot food, red wine, seafood, etc.


2. Pharmaceutical cold chain: Many drugs and biological products are sensitive to temperature and need to maintain 

a constant low temperature throughout the supply chain. Stirling refrigerators can provide precise temperature control 

to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products. Mainly used in the transportation of vaccines, bacterial 

viruses and other biological samples, blood, human organs, sperm banks, cell freezing and thawing, immune medical 

products and other goods with extremely high temperature requirements.


3. Laboratories and scientific research: In laboratory environments, samples and equipment need to be precisely 

temperature controlled. The stability and precision of Stirling refrigerators make them ideal for scientific research.


4. Industrial refrigeration: Many industrial processes require precise refrigeration to ensure the stable operation 

of equipment and products. Stirling refrigerators can meet various needs of industrial refrigeration.

Aerospace and military industry: tanks, lunar rovers, satellites, space stations, night vision imaging.

Industrial field: new energy vehicles, semiconductor chips.

Precision instruments: cryogenic modules.


With its advanced technology and diverse application areas, Stirling cryocooler will bring more efficient and reliable 

cold chain solutions to your business. We look forward to working with you to create a new era in the cold chain field!

If you have any questions or needs about our Stirling cryocooler or other products, please feel free to contact us. We 

will wholeheartedly provide you with support and service.