PTFE Micro Powder
PTFE Resin

Ptfe Dispersion

Item Unit
Appearance Milky liquid
PTFE content % 60±2
Surfactant % 4-6
Particle Size μm 0.24-0.28
PH 7-8
Viscosity (25±1ºC)Pa·s (15~30)×10-3


PTFE dispersion uses for impregnation of fiber glass and asbestos, anti-sticky coating (Free of PFOA).

Product Characters:

1. Has good stability, suitable for any mixing process.
2. The content of Surfactant help to increase wetting and sticking.
3. Has high molecular weight and suitable for high temperature cooling process, to improve the polish of the appearance

Packing ,Storage & Transportation:

1. Not classified as hazardous for transport. During transportation and storage, avoid heavy shaking, high temperature 35ºCand below 5ºC.

2. Dispersed emulsion storage should shake or stir every week, prevent the bottom into precipitation, shelf life for half a year

3. There are three kinds of package: 25kgs, 1250kgs per drum.