SHINGCHEM was invited by Alibaba Group to participate in the event

In this event, Alibaba invited influential companies in Shandong to create a “war” atmosphere through group PK, thereby promoting communication and exchanges between companies, and SHINGCHEM […]

SHINGCHEM September Kick-off Meeting

To bring a better sales revenue than August, Sales Director Tony lead us to sumarize dealt clients and onging neogotiation. Every sales representive and regional manager […]

The annual demand for refrigerant may exceed 750,000 tons

Analysis of refrigerant status The first generation of refrigerants to the ozone layer damage the most, the world has been eliminated from use;  The second generation of […]

SHINGCHEM August kick off meeting

On 2nd,Aug, an energetic kick off meeting was founded in Zibo. At beginning we played games called “Who is the undercover”, which can not only exercise […]

SHINGCHEM is on the way

located in the northwest of the country at the crossroads of Central Asia and East Asia. Being the largest province-level division of China by area and the 8th-largest country subdivision in the world, Xinjiang spans […]


DREAM SAILS, BEYOND OCEANS AND MOUNTAINS. Spring ends silently in raining days, summer shines in the clear blue sky.From July 8 to 9, SHINGCHEM held a […]

refrigerant gas live show

On June 24, 2022, we conducted the order process for refrigerants after generating orders, the license process for exporting refrigerants from China, and the quota situation […]

SHINGCHEM June kick off meeting & birthday party

On June 6th, the joyful kick off meeting and birthday party of June have been conducted in both our Zibo and Qingdao branch. We played group […]

AGC develops “safe” replacement for R410A

JAPAN: Refrigerant manufacturer AGC claims to have developed a new HFO1123 blend which resolves safety issues associated with this gas as a low GWP replacement for […]

Honeywell to offer car AC drop-in refrigerant

USA: Honeywell has announced it will be selling Solstice 456A, a new lower GWP drop-in replacement for R134a in car air conditioning systems. While Honeywell makes […]

IEC approves hydrocarbons

A new international standard was approved last week which allows flammable A3 refrigerants such as propane (R290) in domestic air conditioners, heat pumps and dehumidifiers. After […]

European NatRef Manufacturers Call for More Ambitious EU F-gas Regulation

Europe’s leading manufactures of natural-refrigerant-based systems are calling for greater ambition in the European Commission’s (EC) recently proposed revisions for the EU F-gas Regulation, suggesting stricter GWP […]