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Honeywell to offer car AC drop-in refrigerant

USA: Honeywell has announced it will be selling Solstice 456A, a new lower GWP drop-in replacement for R134a in car air conditioning systems.

While Honeywell makes no mention of its chemical components, other than it being “HFO-based”, the gas is assumed to be R456A, the refrigerant blend developed and previously announced by rival company Koura.

Koura has so far failed to respond to requests for clarification from the Cooling Post. Honeywell said it did not publicly disclose information about licensing or sales agreements.

Honeywell, which holds patents on R1234yf, the refrigerant adopted for use in all new vehicles, says that Solstice 456A will be commercially available to the European automotive aftermarket later this year.

Following its successful passage through the ASHRAE classification process, R456A was unveiled by Koura as its new lower GWP refrigerant alternative to R134a in existing automotive air conditioning systems in the UK and Europe in January.

R456A is a non-flammable blend of R32 (6%), R134a (45%) and R1234ze(E) (49%). It has a GWP of 626. Trials are said to have proven both its compatibility and performance match with R134a in existing automotive air conditioning systems.

In its press release, Honeywell says that Solstice 456A “provides an easy-to-use, economical, drop-in service solution for vehicles manufactured before 2017”.

Announcing its forthcoming availability, Honeywell’s automotive refrigerants vice president and general manager, said: “With more than 200 million cars on the roads in Europe still using R134A, there is a need in the market for a sustainable and economical product to support auto repair shops servicing these vehicles.”