Girne kiralık ev Morning Refrigerant Market Tips(2020.05.29) – Shandong Shing Chemical
New organization established in the fluorine chemical industry-PFP(the Performance Fluoropolymer Partnership )
Team building activities in the first half of 2020

Morning Refrigerant Market Tips(2020.05.29)

The domestic refrigerant R22 market demand is stable, and the market transaction price is concentrated at 13500-14000 rmb / ton. On the one hand, production enterprises have started to maintain stability, supply has picked up, and the tight shipping situation has been improved. On the other hand, the demand in the domestic after-sale market is stable, and traders’ mentality of taking goods has stabilized. It is expected that the short-term refrigerant R22 market will operate steadily, and prices will be mainly stabilized.