In February 2020, domestic aluminum fluoride production decreased by 52.0% month-on-month! Hydrofluoric acid prices have risen sharply!
The refrigerant produced by the two-phase liquid cooling process is online!

In 2020, R22 and HCFC-141b quotas will drop sharply, and China’s home appliance industry will make a significant contribution to eliminating HCFC.

On January 20, 2020, in accordance with the “People’s Republic of China Air Pollution Control Law” and “Regulations on the Management of Ozone Depleting Substances” and other relevant regulations, 22 enterprises submitted to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment applications for 2020 production quotas for hydrochlorofluorocarbons, Companies submitted applications for HCFC quotas. Judging from the number of published production quotas and usage quotas, HCFC-22 and HCFC-141b quotas will be significantly reduced in 2020, and China’s home appliance industry has achieved outstanding results in the elimination of HCFCs.
The types of products applying for HCFC use quotas include HCFC-22 being used in the domestic air-conditioning industry and HCFC-141b, which was used in the water heater and refrigerator industries. Among them, the total production quota of HCFC-22 in 2020 is 225,171 tons, which is 41,650 tons lower than the 2,668,21 tons in 2019. In 2020, the total production quota of HCFC-141b is 50,878 tons, which is 11,430 tons less than the 62,308 tons in 2019.
HCFC-22, as the main refrigerant in the home air-conditioning industry, has gradually reduced its market share under the influence of quota production in recent years. According to the “Electrical Appliances” reporter’s understanding, the market share of HCFC-22 air conditioners in the domestic air conditioner industry is about 20% in 2019, and this proportion may drop to 15% or even 10% in 2020. It can be seen that China’s domestic air-conditioning industry has made outstanding achievements in eliminating HCFC-22.

HCFC-141b, as a foaming agent that has been used in the Chinese refrigerator industry, but as HCFC-141b entered the list of elimination and reduction, the Chinese refrigerator industry has realized the switching and elimination of HCFC-141b Pentane system, to today’s HFC-245fa + cyclopentane foaming system. It should be said that China’s refrigerator industry took the lead in completing the switchover and elimination of HCFC-141b. HCFC-141b has also played an important role in the thermal insulation of water heaters. However, on October 9, 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the “Prohibition on the Production of Refrigerators and Freezers Using Monofluorodichloroethane (HCFC-141b) as a Foaming Agent Product, Refrigerated Container Product, Electric Water Heater Product Announcement. This means that from January 1, 2019, no company may use HCFC-141b to produce refrigerators, reefer containers, and electric water heaters for foaming agents. According to “Electrical Appliances” reporters, refrigerators and freezers and electric water heaters in the home appliance industry have been completely eliminated from HCFC-141b.