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Cheater–Ali Arsalan Khan(AKMA, Pakistan)

Ali Arsalan Khan(AKMA) is an excellent player

Ali Arsalan Khan(AKMA) is a professional cheater




The cheater’s company in Pakistan mainly engages in refrigerant gas and A/C spare parts products, and he also had a company in Guangzhou. The information is as follows:

The cheater started his cheating action as bellow :

Cheating Start


We knew each other and started since 2017, he visited our company and placed severalorders from 2017-2018. Arsalan offten delayed the payment during those cooperation, later and later every time.  Arsalan can speak Chinese language very well, but as a good player, usually he pretended don’t understand Chinese words. He also has the Chinese ICBC bank card.


The trouble order was signed on January 30, 2019. Arsalan(AKMA) confirmed to buy 4 containers refrigerant gas from us, with the value of USD249,100.00. According to the contract, Arsalan should pay 30% deposit and 70% CAD balance payment.


Arsalan(AKMA) transferred some deposit from the Dubai. But Dubai is on the list of high-risk areas of our bank, our bank did not release the money to us and refund it back to Dubai. After that, Arsalan(AKMA) agreed to arrange some deposit with RMB. Considering Arsalan(AKMA) had cooperation with us before, we arranged to produce the carton and cylinders before RMB deposit retrieved.


When good finished, we urged Arsalan(AKMA) to send us RMB deposit as soon as possible, and we would ship the containers once deposit received. Unfortunately, Arsalan(AKMA) delayed the payment again and again, just told many many excuses such as “payment must be paid tomorrow” and “you will receive it on Wednesday” … Meanwhile, he asked us to load the container as soon as possible, send two containers first, and repeatedly promised that we can got the deposit after loading the containers.


We loaded and transported two containers to the port in the middle of march, but still didn’t got any deposit payment. We had no choice but to transport the two containers back to our factory, download the cylinders and temporarily storage them in the warehouse. It made us loose  10644RMB because of transport and port charges.


Since then, Arsalan(AKMA) hadn’t pay anything, and the order had been postponed to April. We participated in the Shanghai HAVC exhibition in April, and met Arsalan(AKMA) on the fair. He gave us a lot of reasons and all bullshit accused us of delaying the delivery of goods. He forced us to give him discount on prices. As the gas prices drop down since Jan., the packages are customized brand, and it had been stored up in our warehouse for months,  we agreed to give him discount to finish this order as early as possible. The contract was re-signed after negotiation. The payment amount was reduced to 232,350 dollars, and our company made a concession of 16,750 dollars.


After the exhibition, Arsalan(AKMA) paid a small amount RMB deposit, and cheated us all balance would be paid by dollars against CAD term. We delivered two containers at the end of April and handed the documents to the bank. Disappointedly, Arsalan(AKMA) didn’t arrange the balance amount again. We urged him but Arsalan’s words were bullshit and nonsense. No one word is trust-able.We just thought he might delay the payment, but never thought he would cheat us and refused to pay us. Therefore, we sent the last two containers on May 15th and 24th, and handed the documents to the bank. Luckily, he paid balance of first 2 containers after goods arrived Karachi port over 1 month, and unfortunately, big problem occurred of the last 2 containers..



 A good player: how to delay and cheating


At the very beginning, we didn’t pay high attention to these last 2 containers, because Arsalan(AKMA) delays payment every time, we thought it’s him common syyle. We didn’t urge or push him even goods arrived Karachi port almost 2 months.  But when we got nothing and no feedback after 2 months, our financial dept. Became anxious and worry about this order.


We called and pushed Arsalan(AKMA) to pay us balance asap, but he delayed many times with difference excuses. Finally, he gave us a payment slip, but our bank didn’t received anything after days waiting. We repeatedly contacted with the bank and the Arsalan. He just cheated like that “you will definitely receive it tomorrow” or “it has arrived at your bank”. However, all his words are bullshit. After verification, the payment slip was fake. Arsalan just tell lies day and night, tell lies every words, tell lies every minuets. He continued cheating with words like : “my relatives died today” or “the bank was flooded and closed”, etc.


Three months after the goods arrived at the port, we decided to go to Pakistan directly, to talk face to face. Arsalan(AKMA) cheated that he would come Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shandong and visit us, it’s unnecessary for us to go to Pakistan. He can only meet us on Saturday morning if we go to Pakistan, and then left to China. But how could we trust such a cheater? Our colleagues flew directly to Pakistan on Friday.


Arsalan(AKMA) promised to arrange payment on next Tuesday when we met on Saturday., “Pay on Tuesday, and you will receive it on Wednesday”. What fucking bullshit he always said.


During this period, Arsalan(AKMA) said he was handling the matter and presented a warning letter issued by the Pakistani Customs days ago, which stated that if it is not answered or processed, the goods will enter the auction process according to law. Arsalan(AKMA) told us he would stop the auction process, and would pick up the goods later.


Day by day, he just cheating and cheating, and then he told us he had no money and asked us to wait 1 more month. The cheater said that the goods arrived at the port over 3 months, and the shipping company charges and port fees are very high, we had to bear the cost (which is equivalent to forcing us to reduce the price again).  Yes, it is Ali Arsalan Khan, Lying and cheating all the time.


After rejecting Arsalan’s impertinent request, we began to seek solutions through various channels and push the cheater to pay us. But the goods have arrived at the port for long time, the cheater neither picked up the goods nor agreed to abandon them.


Our bank contacted Karachi bank to send the B/L documents back to us, but the Karachi bank helped the cheater and refused to give us the B/L.


Our colleague stayed in Pakistan 18 days, we contacted with Chinese embassy, many other Pakistan friends, customers and shipping agents, we also contacted CCPIT in China, and some other channels, we learned many other Chinese suppliers were also cheated by Arsalan(AKMA) before, he even cheated some local Pakistan companies, very professional cheater.


But it takes time to punish a cheater, while the containers had stayed long time at the port, we had no choice but agreed to sign an agreement again, which Arsalan(AKMA) would pay us after 1 month, and we agree to share USD10000.00 port charges.



 Cheater is cheater

Arsalan(AKMA) came to visit another supplier in our city, and finally came to our office on Oct. 28th. The cheater dare not let us know which hotel he checked in, and came to or office directly.


We gave him USD10,000.00 ( SAME VALUE in RMB) as agreed, and asked him to give us bank slip of the rest amount. But Arsalan(AKMA) said he can only give us the bank slip tomorrow, Oct. 29th. Then we requested him to stay in Zibo for 1-2 days, he refused and said he needed to go to Hangzhou to participate a meeting. We suggested to give this USD10,000.00usd to any third party, to guarantee we can receive the rest balance payment, and he can get this USD10,000.00, any third party, any his friends, his suppliers, or Chinese police, court, but he refused all suggestion and solution.


Finally, he insist to leave, and we suggest to send one of our sales to go to Hangzhou together with him, and our colleague will give him this USD10,000.00 once we received the balance amount. We sent him to the airport, bought ticket for him, and checked in a hangzhou hotel at the night of Oct. 28th.


On the early morning, Arsalan(AKMA) flee away from the hotel, but told our colleague he went to met other supplier today, and would come back to hotel later and have dinner together with our colleague. Although he cheated us so so many many times, our honest staff just wait him in hotel like a fool. Finally the cheater sent a message at evening, and said they had he left hangzhou, and refused to pay us.


Many many people asked us why not detain the cheater when he came to your office…how to say, cheater is cheater, but we are legal, responsible company, we prefer to solve all problems under law, police and court.


As now the cheater totally refused to pay us the balance amount, we’d like to public and let all people know the truth, and keep away from cheater:


Ali Arsala Khan (AKMA, ECOTEC) is a cheater,

Ali Arsala Khan (AKMA, ECOTEC) is a liar

Ali Arsala Khan (AKMA, ECOTEC) is an asshole

May Allah curses Ali Arsalan Khan!


We will keep contact with police and court about this issue, and swear to beat him when we see him in China in the future.